Church of England

Church of England
   The first Anglican church in what is now Canada was built at Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1750, when Cornwallis was governor of the province. The first see was established in 1787. Dr. Charles Inglis as bishop of Nova Scotia had charge of the whole of British North America. The first service held in Quebec was in the Ursuline Convent, September, 1759. The first Anglican bishop of the diocese of Quebec was Dr. Mountain, appointed in 1793; and in 1839 Dr. John Strachan became first bishop of Toronto. As population grew, the eastern dioceses were subdivided into nine. The see of Rupert's Land, founded 1849, was subsequently divided into Rupert's Land, Moosonee, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Mackenzie River, Qu'Appelle, Athabaska, Keewatin, and Selkirk. In 1859 was established the see of British Columbia, divided later into New Westminster and Caledonia. In 1857 the Church of England Synod was legally constituted; and after that year bishops were elected by the votes of clergy and laity in Canada. The first Church Congress was held, 1883. The General Synod of the Church in the Dominion was established, 1893, and the metropolitans of Canada and Rupert's Land were made archbishops, the first of whom were Dr. J.T. Lewis and Dr. R. Machray.
   Index: B And the Family Compact, 11; and the Clergy Reserves, 48-49; privileges granted under Act of 1791, 51-52; Durham's estimate of numerical strength, 52-53; recognition of its exclusive claims said by Durham to have been chief cause of Rebellion, 53; E Its claims to the Clergy Reserves under the Constitutional Act, 1791, 145, 150 et seq.R Its relations with mother church in England, 39; advantages in Canada, 39; statistics in Upper Canada, 51. Dr Allowed use of Récollet church at Montreal, 241; Jesuit church transferred to them, 242; first Anglican conference and confirmation held in Récollet church at Quebec, 242, 272. W In New Brunswick, 7. T Controls King's College, 21.
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